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BOG is a five piece post-metal band from Vienna, Austria, founded by Tim Primbs, originally from Germany, as a one-man project and as an emotional outlet to cope with several experiences with death. After releasing two EPs (“Gustave” – 2014, “Auguste” - 2015), three musicians joined BOG to bring the music to life on stage. Tim still does all songwriting, recording, artwork, videos and live-visuals himself to achieve a synthesis of the arts.

Aside from emotional dynamics, narrative guidelines run like a thread through BOGs music. Conceptual songwriting expands to “stations” or “chapters” that are built on two parallel narrative levels: reality and metaphor.

Following the release of his two EPs, BOGs first full-length album will be out on June 24, 2017 with well-known guest musicians from the Austrian and American post-rock scene participating. The album was mixed and mastered by Will Benoit, known for his album productions for Caspian, Junius, Rosetta, City of Ships and Lehnen.

BOG provides a variety of dark, atmospheric melodies and monolithic, powerful riffs. Narrative arcs follow the woven dynamics of the sound: consonance and dissonance go hand in hand with deft changes between silence and harshness. Sonic leitmotifs, ambient layers and authentic songwriting create an unmistakably unique sound.

BOG are

Vocals: Markus Langer

Guitar, Vocals: Tim Primbs

Guitar, Synth: Jan Slonski

Bass: David Wilczkowski

Drums: Philip Poigner

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