Remission [EP 2022]

Unshriven [LP, 2017]

Remission, the third EP by Viennese post-metal band BOG, follows 2017‘s first full-length album Unshriven.

With Remission, BOG start the journey into a new era. Remission is the first part of a trilogy that deals with being, defeats and the subsequent resurrection of one‘s own existential raison d‘être.

In Remission, songwriter Tim Primbs processes the last years of his father, who suffered from dementia and with whose death many answers to questions never asked were lost, but also a reunion through a near-death experience of the songwriter who had to find his way back to life after a lightning strike.

Remission is the answer to an ambivalent construct, that of one‘s own existence and history questioned our past. A foundation that consists of light and just as many shadows.

Raw, destructive energy and melancholic melodies create a soundscape that turns the structural ambivalence into a nearly 30-minute race against time. Familiar sounds from the Unshriven era can be found, but with Remission BOG made a new tonal statement that clearly reflects the further development of recent years. Remission, the third EP by Viennese post-metal band BOG, follows 2017‘s first full-length album Unshriven.

Released May 13th, 2022

Everett Wing - Vocals and Lyrics for Song "Clenched are the Charred" & "Remission"
Tim Primbs - Songwriting, Artwork, Guitars, Synthesizer, Clean Vocals, lyrics "Dead End"
Jan Slonski - Guitar, Synthesizer & additional Songwriting on Song 2
David Drexler - Bass
Ernesto Trejo - Drums

Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer and clean Vocals recorded by Tim Primbs and Jan Slonski in Vienna, Austria
Drums recorded by Martin X. Forster at Binauralroom, Vienna, Austria
Vocals recorded by Jesse Payne at Low Shelf Recording, Portland, USA
Mixed and Mastered by Will Benoit at the Radar Studio, USA

Photography and Artwork by Tim Primbs

With Unshriven, songwriter Tim Primbs memorialises a young, seriously ill woman he met in the last weeks of her life. 

Unshriven is a concept album, or, more precisely, a station album: 11 tracks shape 11 stations. Two parallel levels (reality and metaphor) tell the stories of two travellers. The first level reveals the story of the 17-year-old, seriously ill girl. The second level is the accompanying metaphor: it tells of Sputnik’s journey through colours, emptiness and darkness, of its homesickness and its attempt to return home. 

An ambivalent construct of hopeful, melancholic melodies and raw, destructive energies creates the emotional sonic images that make the last journey of life comprehensible. Distinctive ambient sound layers, acoustic leitmotifs and dynamic sounds from time and space are accompanied by the voiceover of thanatologist Elisabeth Kuebler Ross. 

The album surprises with guest musicians from the Austrian and American post-rock scene and other related genres. For the album production, Tim Primbs brought Matthew Prokop on board, drummer of the Viennese post-rock band Lehnen. Josh Wing (Sól, USA), Joel Boyd (Lehnen) and Julia Schwarzer (CAYES, AT) contributed vocals, and Chris Pobaschnig (Mountain, AT) played keys on the song “Marrow”. Will Benoit, known for his work with post-rock bands like Caspian, Junius, City of Ships and Lehnen, did the mixing and mastering.

Released June 24, 2017 

Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Recording,

Artwork, Photography - Tim Primbs 
Drums - Matthew Jon Prokop 
Additional Keys on 4 - Christian Pobaschnig 
Vocals on song 5 - Joel Nathaniel Boyd 
Vocals and Lyrics on song 8 - Julia Schwarzer 
Vocals on song 6,7,9,11 - Josh Wing 
Vocals for song 8 and ALL Drums recorded by Ronald Dangl 
Spoken words in Song 1 and 9 by Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross 
Mixing/Mastering - Will Benoit

auguste [EP, 2015]

BOGs second EP „Auguste“ follows the first record in terms of content. It is based on the French philosopher and sociologist Auguste Comte. Inspired by the “Law of Three Stages”,

BOG chose the first “Theological stage” and a quotation by Comte to fill the songs of the second EP with the spirit of the philosopher’s thoughts.

“The dead govern the living”, meaning that the present is premised on the actions and mindset of our ancestors, forms the basis of the song titles. Beginning with the view of inanimate objects having living spirit in them, proceeding with withdrawing the spirit from materialistic objects, leading into the belief of all natural phenomena being bound to constant laws.

Since death is part of Tim’s everyday life he continued coping with death through writing atmospheric, melancholic, but also partly aggressive sounding music. 

Released April 1, 2015

Songwriting, Recording, Artwork, Mixing/Mastering - Tim Primbs

Gustave [EP, 2014]

Founding BOG and writing the first EP “Gustave” occurred because of an impetus coming from the marrow of Tims mind.

A formative experience with death left its mark on Tim and built the basis for writing and recording his first EP within three days. The title “Gustave” and the narrative guidelines of the EP were inspired by Gustave Le Bon, a social psychologist from France, best known for his work “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind”.

Out of the inanimate, the hovering nimbus is creating images in people’s minds. Crowd psychology characteristics like “the absence of judgement of the critical spirit“ and the “hypnotized individual” that “finds himself in the hands of the hypnotizer” lead to the titles of the three tracks.


The future aim of building a three-piece band was the reason for using a lot of looping, the massive bass sound and the progressive song structure. One can essentially hear the upsetting awareness of the influence of death on life.

Released September 7, 2014

Songwriting, Recording, Artwork, Mixing/Mastering - Tim Primbs